Monday, May 7, 2007

teenagers today

i have read on the article titled, " Armed, online and dangerous" in Sunday Times dated on the 6 May 2007. After reading the article, i have agreed with the journalist on her impression of teenagers today. She is rioght that nowadays teenagers are very attention seeking and want to be popular among their peers. In order to be that 'popular', many teenagers today has turn to media and mass communication for help. They shoot disturbing videos and publish them in websites like YouTube, blog about their hatred for a particular person and even turn to publish their own personal photos of their body to the public. For these that they have done, some even allow people to have their entries vote on. Not surprisingly, the viewers are mostly teenagers and their response to these entries are normally popular. In result to that, these teenagers that posted these disturbing entries get the 'fame' that they want. Eventually, many of them become more and more addictive to what they do and they posted more to sustain their so-called 'fame'.

What is becoming of their teenagers today? Are teenagers today more and more brutal and attention seeking than ever? To my opinion, the answer is yes. this are due to several factors, like lack of care and concern of parents for their own children and technological advancement in media
.Parents are considered a great importance to shape the character and personality of chilren. Nowadays, with female having higher education compared to the past, when mothers just have to stay at to tend to all the housework, both parents are working while letting their children to be either under the care of maids or grandparents or allow them to be independent at home. As a result, feeling lonely and inablity to express their feelings and thoughts to people, they will tend to search for alternatives for their expression. As many blog and import videos and pictures into the net and even in handphones to gain acknowledgement and recognition to their existence.

Technological advancements also play a part in shaping teenagers' characters. With the advancement of internet and mass communication, many people can now interchange their information easier. Thus, this attributes to a perfect ground for teenagers to gain knowledge from. Many a times, brutality and violence videos and pictures are available in internet due advancement. Thus, when teenagers are surfing the net, they may just come across them which may in turn cause them to have developed interest in them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Should guns be continued to be legalised in this present society?

16 April 2007, student Cho Seung-hui, 23, went on a gun rampage at Virginia Tech university campus, killing 32 people. This saddening and shocking news is maybe one of the worst US high school gun attack ever. Apart from grieving for the innocent victims of the cruel massacre that had happened, the government should probably now have a second on whether guns should still be legalised in USA. This type of gun massacre had not only happened once but then it has happened a few times before. Perhaps the government should now start reconsidering on whether should guns be continued to be legalised.

Guns are intially legalised to protect the citizens of United States due to its vast size, causing it very difficult to maintain the security and safety of the people. People are allowed to purchase guns after acquiring the necessary gun license. They are allowed to keep the guns in their home to protect thmselves at all times. Under extreme dangerous position, people are allowed to use thier guns to defend for their lives.

However, due to some factors, guns are sometimes not handled according to rules and regulations. They are misused and abused, resulting in possible tragedies like death.
The factors are the lack of censorship in mass communication and lack of concern from the parents.

Lack of censorship allows varying types of video , pictures and articles to be circulated around the world. Violent videos and pictures are consequently being exposed to young teenagers who tend to pick up life long personality and characters at this period after their puberty. These as a result caused teenagers to be violent as they may find it cool and fun. When they have their sight on the guns, they may be very tempted to try on these new 'toys' just to have fun with it. As a result, many tragedies have started because of this.

This can be partly blamed on the parents too. It is their responsibility to keep the weapons well and most importantly, educate their children on the safety precaution in using guns. It is also their responsibility to keep the weapons under heavy locks so that it will not be able to obtain easily...
Besides that, parents should also spend more valuable time with their children, knowing more of their emotional problems and to take quick and decisive actions if needed. If not, things may just go bad like in the case of Cho...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

the start of my blogging life...

Sigh... I never have a thought of starting one blog in my life. But, somehow unfortunately, i have to start one for the sake of doing well in General Paper. Wow! The descriptions i have read in the Blogging_for_GP instructions have given me lots of reasons for starting one blog. Somehow, all these reasons stated may have just come in no use. Blogging is compulsory anyway!

Well, let's waste no precious time typing anymore crap. Let me introduce myself to you all,fellow bloggers and readers. I am Jun Xiang from Anderson Junior College. I am 16 this year going 17! Hooray! This reminds of my birthday, 7 April ! Today is 18 March 2007 and so it means tt in about 3 weeks time i will turn 17! Hey buddies out there! Please remember my presents! Hmm....16 plus years have passed and fond memories of the past still deeply engraved in my head. Once a small little cute, chubby boy in Mayflower Primary, having to transfer to Canberra Primary School as i had shifted my house to Sembawang. Fortunately to have a great score of 249 for my PSLE as i normally score way below my score in primary school, i went to Ang Mo Kio Secondary School. This is the place where lots of fond memories as well as bad memories are found. I guessed if i were to type out all my fond memories into this blog, i think it will be more than 10000 words maybe!! Haha. But i must especially mention that in AMKSS, i have made many really good buddies. They are the people who have been side by side with me for 4 years. I am truly grateful for all you guys have done for me despite for all the bad memories you all have given me too. Now, being in Anderson Junior College, another chapter of my life has just been started. In my first three months in AJC, i have made really good friends out there, especially in 21/07. 21/07 (in first three months)is a class of where we people don't mug and at the same time enjoying the fun we have together. Although it is only 3 months, but we have unknowingly become very close friends in this short term. Amazing huh? But the sad thing is that half of the buddies in 21/07 will have to part with me for other schools and classes. So sad. Haix. Well, now my permanent class in AJC is 25/07. Hope 25/07 will be a amazing class too!!

Enough of school related matters, lets talk about myself.

I am a active guy who likes sports very much. My favourite sport is still soccer. hmm... my favourite hobbies are to eat, hang out with friends and chat. I have no idea how eating has become one of my hobbies. I guess it have started when i first came to AJC. haha. I still can remember i have 3 servings of food at my first day of lecture!!! Then, still got once that I finished about 4 servings full of western food when i have having dinner with my pals in 21/07. Since then, i have been called ' Gozzilla'. Proudly named by Kor Kiat Yao, the KOrky guy. HAHA! Chatting have been my favourite hobby too. It allows me to understand my friends better and GOSSIP! wahahaha. For academic, i Love Maths!!!!

Hahaha. Guess these are the only things i wan to say. hmm... Too much things for my first posting huh. Guess maybe after sometime i will enjoy blogging. It takes time you know!

Enjoy my blog ! =)